Video: Georgia letter carrier says she was sexually harassed by acting manager, GA News Weather


Gessell Colon, a United States letter carrier in Columbus, is crying foul after claiming she has been the victim of repeated sexual harassment on the job.

"I do fear for my life, for my children and I just want this to be away from here so I don’t have to worry about this man," Colon said.

Wiping away the tears, Colon told News Leader 9’s Roslyn Giles she takes it one day at time as she copes with the emotional stress from two years of alleged abuse in the workplace.

"On the way to the police department, that’s when everything started," she said.

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  • Chris_Iowa

    Looks like this Supervisor will be getting a promotion like all others. I’ve worked for the USPS now for over 10 years… I have never seen such a screwed up government system. I thought the 80’s Army was bad… but this organization takes the cake in these types ( and other types) of violations.