PMG tells postmasters no layoffs

At the NAPUS convention this week, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe assured Postmasters that despite the downsizing the organization is facing, no one will lose his or her job:

Donahoe assured NAPUS members no one will lose their jobs as a result of downsizing and consolidations. “We will find a job for you somewhere in the organization,” he pledged. “We’ve never had to lay anyone off and we won’t do that. Are there bugs? Yes, there are, as we make these changes; there is a safety net down there.”

He said the Postal Service needs the authority to expand new products and services and get into areas of new opportunity, especially in the digital environment.“We need to continue to move along the way we’re going,” he stressed. “These things have to be addressed and resolved: get the legislation behind us, get the debt down to a reasonable amount and focus on the future going forward. We think there are big opportunities.”

The convention also heard from USPS COO Megan Brennan, who was slightly more conditional in her comments on the subject of job security:

“If we’re flexible and work together, we’ll ensure everyone has a landing spot,” she assured Postmasters. She talked about plans for having mini career conferences in certain geographic areas to identify opportunities for affected Postmasters.

Brennan encouraged everyone who is affected to update their profiles in eCareer and let their managers know what they would like to do in the short term. “There will be landing spots,” she pledged, “but I need you to be flexible and help us with that.”

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    Yes, there will be no layoffs because your office hours will be reduced from 8 hrs to 4 or 2 hours. There won’t be any need to layoff postmasters. They’ll be quitting on their own.

    • JB’s Mama

      NONEED can read between the lines!! Not only postmasters, but anyone who ends up with an option for a different position that’s too hard, too far away, too much of a pay cut. As various facilities are closed, lots of senior employees who might have worked till they dropped dead on the job, will retire. They won’t lay us off, but the “take it or leave it” choices will make lots of us say “I give up. I can’t do it. I quit.”

  • Anyone?

    Early outs again?

  • Gena Arney

    Why not offer services like the UPS Store does, we have ppl coming in the Post Office 3 and 4 times a week looking to Fax documents and help with packaging items. Why can’t we expand in that direction.

  • LiamSkye

    No layoffs – no health benefits, no pensions, no raises either – for anyone that is not Postmaster General or other senior officer of the postal service.

  • Rotbart59

    You can tell that both Donahoe and Brennan were lying. Their lips were moving.

  • Burt Lancaster

    How bout a landing spot as a CCA? Or worse?