First 399 Clerk Craft PSEs to be Converted to Career Status

APWU News Bulletin 14-2013, Aug. 16, 2013 | PDF

apwulogoIn response to demands from the APWU, the Postal Service agreed on Aug. 14 to convert 399 Clerk Craft Postal Support Employees (PSEs) to career status. The conversions will be the first in mail processing.

The conversions will occur primarily in districts where the number of PSEs exceeds the 20 percent district-wide cap outlined in the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, and will take place within 60 days of the signing of the agreement. For a list of locations, click here. [PDF]

“This is an important breakthrough in our fight to enforce the contract and ensure that PSEs have a genuine path to career employment,” said President Cliff Guffey. “After months of meetings, discussions, arguments and grievances, we have made progress.

“But this is just a first step,” Clerk Craft Director Rob Strunk said. “Discussions will continue on several outstanding PSE issues, which we believe will result in many additional conversions.”

The settlement agreement [PDF] also stipulates that the union and management will explore ways to prevent the hiring of PSEs in excess of contractual limits.

In the meantime, Strunk notes that numerous installations are in violation of the installation-wide limits on the number of PSEs involved in retail and customer service operations.

Those violations must be monitored and addressed at the local level, he pointed out. “Locals should be diligent in reviewing PSE Compliance Reports and filing grievances where necessary,” Strunk said.

More than 575 Motor Vehicle Service Craft PSEs have already become career employees.

Discussions are continuing on the conversion of PSEs in the Maintenance Craft and on additional conversions in the Motor Vehicle Service Craft.

  • Mayra Ivette Solano

    At least now someone is going to be using all those billions we are saving for future retirees health benefits.

    • Linda

      Nope, they will never catch up to all that money!

  • pipios

    Check in Puerto Rico, tons of pses and ccas all over the island.

  • Wil

    With the hundreds upon hundreds here in NYC…we got ZERO conversions???…What the hell???…we are W A Y over the compliment here.

  • NC

    This Sucks!!!! hundreds of clerks are losing the jobs and forced into carrier positions just so PSE’s can be converted to career. Way to APWU, don’t know why I pay dues.

    • guest

      Know exactly what you mean. I voted NO on this CRAP contract. APWU sold clerks up the river without a paddle. Sold out and not a DAMN thing anyone can do about it.

  • Linda

    Try making your life on minimum wage! Plus clerks that are loosing their jobs??? Just saying!!! I would rather be in a union and be in the NALC as a Letter Carrier!

  • Alex

    How about El Paso

  • Russ

    Our national officers have let us down again! The APWU has not been the same since Moe Biller passed.

  • gues

    Quit my job w/po b/c I was FORCED into the carrier job, being stalked b ymanagment, couldn’t meet their time standards b/c I am middle aged couldn’t stand that job,so ended up quitting after givien the po many years of my life and now the pse’s get all the benefits. Thanks a lot APWU for not a DAMN THING!!!!

  • Eva

    Thanks a lot APWU for a job well done i havent bin converted yet but i work for the po for 10 plus years i enjoy my job but i will like it better f i was getting paid like the regurals but i no it come i thank god for helping me though

  • Tremaine

    I hope our South Jersey district can convert soon.I love what i do as a PSE clerk. I would love to get paid like a regular because we do just as much as regulars, if not more at times.

  • mee mee

    What about pse’s in Charlotte. We need this

  • Abq pse

    Come on albuquerque let’s covert pses to regs!

  • brit

    If you are a ptf in a small office doesnt seem as though the Union finds it worth fighting for those..Who would pay the Dues

  • brit

    Unbelievable…A PSSSSSE making statements about Becoming Regulars with PTF’s have That right taken away

  • Candi Griswold

    Better to be a PSE at less pay for another year, then higher paid and unemployed with layoffs.

  • MiMi

    I work in the Chicago plant and I’m a PSE clerk. I think it’s about time, besides thr PSE’s are the ones getting the mail out. The regulars always complain about how everything hurts on them and they say forget overtime. The PSE’s are picking up the slack.


    The APWU needs to work on converting us pse’s in Philadelphia. I started at the phila p&dc with the first group of pse’s which means I’ve been there over two years. And guess what im still a pse doing more and expected to do more than the career employees.

  • Vanessa Lahti

    Click on the link for a list of the regions that are converting. It doesn’t apply to all PSE’s