Video: USPS Rejects California Chef’s Insurance Claim For Stolen Kitchen Knives

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Chopping and dicing, mincing and slicing — essential skills for any chef, as Francisco Renteria will tell you.

It’s the reason he spent more than $2000, paid in several installments, to own his own set of high-end Cutco Cutlery knives. He wanted the right balance and the sharpest blades.

“You can see the difference,” he said.

When Renteria moved back to Sacramento in January, he paid special attention to insure his knives.

But he someone stole them right out of the box — and the U.S. Postal Service rejected his insurance claim twice.

Renteria thought someone sliced open the package to steal the expensive knife set before resealing it, he said.

“The $2,000-question here is who tampered with it?” said consumer attorney Eric Ratinoff of Sacramento law firm Kershaw Cutter & Ratinoff.

Because Renteria authorized The UPS Store to accept his package and sign for him, it’s unclear when someone took his knives, Ratinoff said.

After we reached out to the USPS, they opened an investigation into Renteria’s case.

A final decision is expected within the next several weeks.

Forced to use knives not quite as sharp, Renteria said he’ll never buy USPS insurance again.

“I’m done with those people,” he said.

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  • kstarchman

    If he had used a usps post office box instead of a ups store(with no accountability) this wouldn’t even be an issue!