Illinois letter carrier reacts to USPS possibly eliminating door-to-door service

In an effort to save money, the U.S. Postal Service could close the door on one form of delivery, but one Rockford letter carrier asks, at what cost to workers and customers?

“It’s just another bad idea from the Postal Service to eliminate door-to-door and put the boxes at the end of the street where the customers would have to walk a block or two down to get their mail.” -says National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 245 President Kelly Pruka.

“It hurts the American public, it’s their service that’s being cut out, it’s the postal service business, small businesses, rural people, it’s going to hurt everyone.” -Pruka explains.

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  • mailman

    It’s funny how all the carriers that are so adamant about walking delivery have mounted routes. I am for keeping walking delivery only if ALL deliveries go back to the house. No cluster boxes, no curbside. Universal service, correct? Let’s see what the fatties say about that! Better buy some walking shoes with that uniform allowance!

  • Postman427

    I agree with you, Kelly. The pre funding is the biggest problem to the Service. When the bill was passed the USPS was making money. Now that Congress has drained the savings account of the USPS, they want to cut service. What they need to do is recalculate the formula to fund the pre funding and spread the payments out over 30 yrs.
    This bill is to pre funding for 75 yrs. That till the year 2081. That 68 years from now.The average age of a postal employee is early 50’s. Even the youngest employees ( in there 20’s ) would be in there 90’s by then. So spreading out the payments over a longer time would not hurt.
    We have something like 100,000 less employees since 2006, and more leaving each year. And we are not replacing some of them ( expect for management ).So I would think the amount of pre funding each year would be lower.