Mailing industry group endorses Issa postal “reform” bill

WASHINGTON, July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service (C21) which broadly represents the nation’s $1.3 trillion business mailing and supplying community, that employs nearly 8 million private sector workers, announced its support today for H. R. 2748 introduced by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa.

“The Coalition is particularly pleased that Chairman Issa has maintained the rate structure approved in 2006 which allows the Postal Service to increase rates at the class level by the Consumer Price Index without costly litigation.  This provision has enabled mailers to predict and plan for rate increases and has helped preserve business in a challenging market,” said coalition co-manager Art Sackler.

“The Coalition is also encouraged that the Chairman incorporated in his bill several provisions supported by the Democratic Minority,” Sackler continued.  “We hope that may signal a basis for bipartisan cooperation on this critical matter could emerge.”

HR 2748 would make a number of helpful financial and structural changes to USPS that would broadly reform items such as pension and retiree health obligations, encourage more innovation in postal products, and provision of certain nonpostal services, modernize collective bargaining, apply federal reduction-in-force procedures prospectively, and provide for gradually raising the price of mail classes that are not paying their way.

“We believe there is much to work with here,” Sackler added, “and encourage Chairman Issa, Ranking Democrat Elijah Cummings and their colleagues to move productive legislation forward.”

The Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service consists of business mailing associations and companies – including magazines, newspapers, advertisers and catalogers, greeting cards, financial services, telecommunications, insurance and other statement mailers, high-tech businesses, small businesses of every kind – and their suppliers – paper, printing, technology, envelope manufacturing, mail services and other companies, who understand the essential role played by the U.S. Postal Service and want to see it sustained, reformed and strengthened to meet the demands of the future.


  • Barry

    Translation – Take from the Postal Service and its employees and give back to line our own pockets, and we will reward you with bigger campaign contributions. 😉

    • pokeybird

      Agree with Barry. They aren’t trying to save the postal service, they want the money for themselves!

  • Jack

    Mail volume continues to plummet.
    Close Saturday and save billions.

  • New po

    I agree. End Saturdays and curb side all residentials

    • Wvmailman

      Why would you curb side all residentials and lose all those jobs. I say lose some supervisors that set around all afternoon when the carriers are out of the office. We could maybe lose Saturday del.

    • san

      you r right on…

  • Ben Franklin

    Shocker, leave intact a 7 year old law where mailers get huge discounts on the bleeding post office’s back and reform ( raid) the $ 50 billion healthcare acct…

  • Will

    DOA, any questions?

  • MKH

    Folks, I’m sorry but the idea of ending door step mail delivery is an insult. Our political leaders have no problem with allowing the industrial military complex to funnel trillions…yes trillions of tax payer dollars to out of control black-budget projects that have virtually no congressional oversight, but we can’t afford to provide our citizens with basic mail service or fund other essential health services provided through Obama-care? Give me a break!

    • san

      we should have stop door to door long is an insult to think these folks are so damn special that they get a service most of us do not
      lets level this playing field and stop this door crap

      • There is me

        Exactly San. This is also an insult to a letter carrier that has more of a chance of being injured. Dog bites, tripping in holes, falling, lightning strikes, you name it. For the union to still support door to door delivery as well as Saturday delivery in an electronic world with fuel waste, is a joke in itself. Also corps should have no say in what rates are at all. USPS was invented by Ben Franklin for citizens and corps are not people.

  • chuck

    Of course they agree….keep the rates cheap for them and screw the workers. Folks….they give zillions to these congressmen to keep things in there favor. Raise the rates to pay the real cost of there junk and keep the downsizing going until it equals whats left to deliver.

  • TheRealFed

    We’re living in a fool’s paradise.