Greeting Card group responds to Issa’s latest postal bill

gcaWashington, D.C., July 19 – The Greeting Card Association (GCA) issued the following statement reacting to H.R. 2748, the Postal Reform Act of 2013, introduced by Congressman Darrell Issa today:

“We agree with Congressman Issa that Postal Service reform is critical and are heartened to see legislative movement on this important issue,” said Rafe Morrissey, GCA Vice President of Postal Affairs. “We remain committed to commonsense reform of the Postal Service, however, that maintains universal service and affordable rates. We are concerned that Congressman Issa’s bill, while making some positive reforms, still insists on cutting essential services like Saturday delivery. Our recently released report shows that the need to cut such services or raise rates simply does not exist, laying out over 100 different proposals that would put the Postal Service on a path to solvency.”

The GCA analysis draws from both Government Accountability Office (GAO) and USPS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reports. It outlines more than 100 deficit reduction proposals that do not cut critical services or raise prices, including 54 proposals that could be implemented immediately without Congressional legislation or collective bargaining.
“Our commonsense approach focuses on structural reforms that will achieve the necessary operational efficiency and cost savings. More importantly, we provide flexibility to all stakeholders with more than 100 alternative proposals that preserve the universal service and affordable prices that consumers expect and deserve from the Postal Service. We look forward to working closely with Congressman Issa, Congressman Cummings and all members of the relevant committees to ensure the Postal Service is strong and solvent for the next generation and beyond,” Morrissey concluded.

  • Postal Owner

    its easy to make the postal service solvent. Congress needs to quit stealing their profits!!!

    • william

      wish they were stealing the profits. it’s pretty much stealing the “attempt to break even”. even if congress stops the prefunding we will still be in the hole. other cuts are going to have to be made. cuts in service? cuts in management? cuts are going to have to be made.

  • Theresa

    Get over it Halkmark! Very rarely do I deliver your cards on Saturday. People can plan and get them Monday thru Friday. Not that big of a deal.

  • Kurt Heubusch

    it makes sense to consolidate some of the buildings, why have 4 stores in one area when you only need 2, but the slowing down of next day delivery or any delivery is not the way to go.they have got to improve the A.O.s,as service is the most important. did you know a post office wont let you use any scotch tape as they only want priority mail used.what kind of customer service is that?.the usps should be allowed to sell tickets to events, like ticketmaster,where can you get a rays, bolts or bucs ticket without having to pay extra cash to ticketmaster.theres a lot of ways to make money but the biggest problem will be businesses whose pie you cut into will be saying”gov`t. has no right to be taking away my customers”.well,were not using taxmoney so were not gov`t., they just make the rules……someone needs to explain to a lot of people who want to help the USPS, what collective bargaining means….

  • TheRealFed

    The Hallmark Hall of Fame.