Video: Customers say mailboxes at Florida post office are often full

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DAVIE, Fla. –

Postal customers said the drive-up mailboxes at the U.S. Post Office in Davie are frequently full, making it easy for thieves to swipe their letters.

Some customers called it a reoccurring problem, an inconvenience, and a security risk.

Ron Thoreson said the drive-up mailboxes at the post office on State Road 84 sometimes have letters bulging out, just an arms length away from the driver pulling through.

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  • Joseph Napoletano

    Sounds like a management problem, easy fix, assign a mailhandler or clerk to pull the boxes more frequently DUH !!

  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    Why isn’t the “postal spokesperson” identified? The third mailbox should be returned to that location and the mailboxes should be emptied more often each day.

  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    The post office took away the mailbox that was on our street of Celia Terrace in Belleville, NJ.. It was there for about 50 years.

  • Phil

    The postal way,would be remove them from that spot ,then they wouldn’t have to worry about them being full, they won’t be any there,easy fix!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Management keeps cutting the work force that actually serves the public and this is a result of it!

    The supervisor shown is one of many incompetent supervisors who are not allow to think on their own or see the need and correct it. They can not do a thing without being told by some one higher up! They are a waist. Management would rather have us pay our bills online. What they don’t realize eventually, even they will find themselves out of a job!

  • Mr. Postman

    Not to worry!

    When Darrel Issa gets to our “No-Layoff” clause removed from the contracts, and we downsize another 200,000 employees, service will improve.

    Really. It will. You’ll see.

    Until then… if the mailbox is full… drive around until you find another one that’s not as full, or give it to a letter carrier.

    I’ve never refused to accept mail that was presented to me by the public yet.

    However… even that could change.

  • mr mailman

    the window clerks have a set time to clean out the boxes so that when the truck arrives they send it out with the express mail but sometimes no one cleans the boxes due to the clerks are to busy at the time they used to use the carriers or clerks that were hurt or on light duty then they changed that as the unions objected to the cross crafting so get somebody good luck its the same at the pickup window or left notices and the PO boxes that have a set time to be put in the boxes like by 11:00 everyday not happening downsizing