Bins of mail left on the side of the road in Phoenix

PHOENIX – A mail carrier is under investigation according to the U.S. Postal Service, for allegedly dumping two trays of mail.

It happened Monday afternoon when Marlon Preayer spotted the mail on his way to the store. He quickly called 911.

Phoenix police officers responded and took the mail to the downtown post office.

According to officials, 485 pieces of mail, mostly first-class certified, 20 catalogs and five small boxes were found.

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  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    Kenneth Benaquista Sr., of Belleville,NJ, as a manager with the U.S. Postal Service in the same township, extorted cash from a letter carrier, William Tinger; and he stole money from the agency in a kickback scam. Benaquista Sr. was not prosecuted or fired! He was asked to retire. Benaquista Sr. has been receiving $3,400 per month in pension benefits for the past 11 years. I reported his improprieties to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Office of the Inspector General. Management harassed me and retaliated against me for three years for being honest. Finally, my job and my pension were bamboozled from me after 22 years as a letter carrier.

  • Toejam

    Oopsie daisey…………….

  • mailman


    • seehuts

      Just had a CCA get fired for throwing away mail.

      • Jon Ulm

        In his defense, most of the mail is stuff that is completely worthless.

        • kshansun44

          Easy to say it’s worthless when it’s not you personally who’s expecting an important piece of mail. There’s no defense for such behavior- if it’s not already a crime it should be, and ought to be prosecuted as such. Even if it’s not an ‘important’ piece of mail- leaving a bunch of mail out where identity thieves can easily obtain it is just awful. Seriously cannot believe anyone would be so lackadaisical about this. Thank the heavens most of the postal workers I’ve ever encountered don’t share this attitude, and behave honorably and professionally, and take pride in the important work they do.

  • MrZip

    Supervisor: ‘Your pivot isn’t ready. go on the road and we’ll bring it out to you. We’ll put the mail behind the bush like we usually do and you can grab it when you can.’ Carrier: ‘OK. I’ll look for it behind the bush in an hour or two.’

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I definitely see a 3996 in the close-up of the mail which showed 30 minutes of approved OT. I don’t think that it is some carrier trying get away with something. I think that the people who found the mail probably caused exactly what they were trying to report. Left alone, that mail probably would have been delivered as it was supposed to.
    While the news was trying to blow it out of proportion, the carrier was probably calling his/her supervisor, reporting that the mail was stolen.
    Just my 2¢

    • kshansun

      Nope. There was also a sizeable amount of mail dumped in individual homeowner’s recycle bins.

      • MrZip

        Mail dumped in recycle bins? That may or may not be true. It wasn’t in this report. That’s one of the quickest ways to end your postal career. If it is true, I don’t think that it is related to this instance. I still believe that the mail in this report was intentionally left for another carrier to pick up and deliver. Will someone get in trouble? Probably! The mail should always be protected. Was there anything “criminal” about it? I don’t think so. Was it “News?” I don’t think so. Had the gentleman who called the police, called the post office instead, he most likely would have been told to leave it there for the carrier. It would have gotten delivered and everyone would have lived happily ever after.

  • donny2805

    Definitely a 3996 in that tray. Clearly a split.

  • TheRealFed

    No relay box, so put the hand-off and the 96 behind a bush. What the hay is going on in Phoenix? Is this what we have become? Unbelievable.