Finance and Planning VP Masse to leave USPS

masseFinance and Planning VP Steve Masse will leave USPS later this year.

PMG Pat Donahoe said since Masse joined USPS in 2009, he has been involved in every major planning effort and business decision. “He has been a valued advisor and contributor,” Donahoe said.

In addition to completing annual budgets and integrated financial plans, Masse was instrumental in the development of the Five Year Business Plan in 2012 and its update this year. “This plan provides our roadmap to future financial stability and is an impressive accomplishment in Steve’s postal career,” said Donahoe.

In 2012, Masse served as interim Chief Financial Officer. During that period, he oversaw the fiscal year 2012 end-of-year activities.

Masse and his family are moving to Florida in the next few months.

  • Tn Rural Carrier

    He has been involved in every major decision, so that means he is one of the ones responsible for sending it down the tubes.

  • idontunderstandit

    the rats are leaving the sinking ship !!

  • TheRealFed

    There are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many VPs; the USPS is drowning in VPs.

  • Brian

    What? They won’t let him telecommute from Florida? Who’s gonna fudge the numbers now? Nah nah nah nah……hey hey hey GOODBYE!!!!