• Kurt Heubusch

    there is more of this kind of thing happening but good news doesn`t get readers.lotsof good ,honest career peopleat your local usps..

    • pheet007

      You’re right. While I’ve certainly seen my share of idiocy and crooked crap in my 28+ years, there is always something good happening that as you suggest never gets the attention it deserves.

      I’ve returned money to a patron when a $20 bill fell out of his pocket as he was getting in his car to go to work. There was no wind that day and I assumed (correctly) it belonged to him. He was so impressed he wrote the then Postmaster General Anthony Frank and I got a nice letter of recognition for it. I’ve found Christmas cards lying in the street with no return addresses or postage, but otherwise ready to go. I picked them up, sprung for the postage and sent the cards myself, just to be nice to a total stranger who probably never did figure out how the people whom were to receive the cards got them when the patron thought they had been lost.
      This stuff repeats itself over and over again, daily. Isn’t it time the media started looking at the good we can do for a change?

  • joe stutzman

    NOT paid by the U S government. he UPS gets NO tax money, and THIS kind of stuff is what going postal REALLY means.

    • Tony

      were you drunk when you sent your comment?