PA postal worker arrested after confronting cop in PO lobby

A bizarre story from Pennsylvania, where a postal worker allegedly tried to stop a local cop from questioning a burglary suspect in the post office lobby:

A U.S. Postal Service worker in Neffsville was charged after a confrontation with Manheim Township police detectives.

Russell Edward Yoder, 54, of 291 Goods Road, Conestoga, was charged after he confronted police who were questioning a burglary suspect inside the Neffsville Post Office, 16 Meadow Lane.

During the questioning, the complaint states, Yoder rushed into the lobby through a door connected to an employee area. He told Shultz to stop what he was doing and leave the building immediately. He also told Shultz to leave the suspect alone, saying the detective had no enforcement power on federal property.

Read more: Postal worker and police clash in Neffsville; charges lodged – News.

  • buckeye196899 .

    He was correct

    • common sense

      If you mean the cop, then you’re right. Post offices aren’t a sanctuary from state and local law enforcement. A cop can’t just stroll around the workroom floor because he feels like it, but when it comes to law enforcement activities, a post office is no different than any other business.

  • Marcus1956

    Local cops do have authority in USPS plants and stations. We see the local police at the North Texas Plant 2-3 times a year for calls.

  • Ironman

    This guy is a hot head,I know him

  • Ironman

    Not the 1st time for this guy,he’s a hot head