OSHA opens investigation into death of Massachusetts postal worker who collapsed in the heat

oshaThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration is opening an investigation into the circumstances of the death of a postal worker who collapsed on the job in Medford Friday, a spokesmen for the Department of Labor said Monday.

James Baldasarre, 45, collapsed near the Hyatt Place Hotel on Riverside Avenue about 5:40 p.m. Friday and was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where he later died, according to postal service and Medford Fire Department officials.

Temperatures peaked at 95 degrees on Friday with an average relative humidity of 62 percent, according to the National Weather Service.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was notified of the death by the Postal Service, and its Andover office is opening its own review of Baldasarre’s death, according to Department of Labor spokesman Ted Fitzgerald.

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  • Kel

    Wonder if he was told to stay out there

  • Your Mom

    OSHA is a joke. Government MOB is what they are. I know of a similar instance where a postal employee lost their job because of the carrier’s negligence on proper hydration procedures and he was on medications and didn’t die of heat…it was a heart attack so for OSHA to be investigating only means one thing….”Find the paperwork on all of your procedures or you will get fined” lol….what a joke. sucks he died and I’m sorry for the family but OSHA has no business in USPS.

  • Robin

    Temperatures in the LLVs reach 120 degrees and above. We are Instructed not to leave the windows cracked open even a tiny bit and can be disciplined for doing so.I personally know a few letter carriers in my area who have become ill from overheating in weather like this.Polyester shirts and bottoms don’t help the body cool down they seem to make you feel warmer.I feel so sorry for the family.