Burrus accuses Guffey of “blatantly” untrue statement on PAEA

burrusIt’s still months until the APWU National Leadership election, but the campaign seems to be heating up. And the most heat seems to be coming from someone whose name isn’t even on the ballot- former President Bill Burrus. Burrus took to his Facebook page today to accuse incumbent President Cliff Guffey of stretching the truth:

I am informed that President Guffey alleges that I was provided the opportunity to defeat the PAEA when adopted in 2006. This is blatantly untrue but is irrelevant to voluntarily negotiating the worst contract in the history of bargaining. The PAEA did not force the officers to engage in aggressive bargaining over a 6 month period that will forever change postal employment. The Letter Carriers were an active participant in passing the PAEA but resisted the drastic changes in bargaining and even with the APWU contract as precedent did not change full time to 30 hours, permit supervisors to perform bu work, increase non career to 20% or cap wages at Step J. It is time to stop blaming the PAEA for aggressive voluntary actions.

Burrus announced earlier this week that he would be endorsing a candidate for President in the election, but didn’t say who that would be- which is a bit odd since there’s only one other candidate…

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  • JBM

    There will be APWU members who vote to keep Guffey in office. As incomprehensible as the morons who voted twice for Obama. There’s no way to figure it out.

    • Guest

      APWU members who vote to re-elect Goofy and the executive leaders who sold them down the river are brain dead fools.

    • Jason Debiret

      That you think so little of the twice-elected President of the United States doesn’t surprise me. The fact you think so little of your fellow union members is disturbing.

  • http://postalnews.com/ hollywood

    “Don’t forget to buy my new book(19.95) while you’re at it” . Bill Burris

  • David

    Burrus is transfixed by the fact that he got booted out, and lost all the perks and instant respect that comes from being a Union President. Too gutless to go quietly into retirement, he searches aimlessly for a sense of value. Its really a little sad and pathetic.

    • common sense

      Nice try, but the problem is that he wasn’t “booted out”- he retired. And he endorsed Guffey as his successor. He could easily have just shut up and watched as Guffey undid much of what the APWU achieved over decades of negotiations, but he didn’t- give him some credit for admitting he made a mistake, and for trying to make a difference despite the fact that he has nothing to gain from any of it.