USPS says blank space on receipt is a signature, denies insurance claim for missing computer

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Diane Jay thought she had taken every precaution.

Jay bought signature confirmation and insurance on the $1300 MacBook Pro she sold on eBay to a buyer in Berkeley.

But the buyer never got it, she said, and PayPal refunded the buyer in Berkeley his money, leaving Jay without her money or her laptop.

The signature delivery receipt doesn’t appear to show any signature on it, so Jay thought she’d get her insurance claim right away.

But the Postal Service denied her claim, saying the package was “delivered as addressed” — indicating the blank space on her receipt was in fact a signature.

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  • IIlIIl111

    Alot of people (including myself) have had the experience of having the Postal Service turn down the first claim, even thought they are dead wrong. Just re-submit and you’ll probably have better luck the 2nd time. After all, if 20-30% of the people turned down don’t try again,even though they are in the right, the PO comes out ahead……………….

  • gal

    They (the USPS) will tell you that they are not investigating, just to not inform the person the took the laptop from the mail system that they are under investigation, in case they do it again or this happens again. If it does and it involves the same delivery person rest assured they will be caught by the US Postal Inspection Service. Too bad they don’t just say that to the public and make them understand how the process works, just bad publicity for the USPS which it doesn’t need. No business needs that to survive!!