Video: PMG’s State of the Postal Service report

In his latest State of the Business video, PMG Pat Donahoe describes the progress USPS has made mid-way through 2013, along with some of its plans for the rest of the year.

Donahoe says the Postal Service made notable improvements in delivery times thanks to employee efforts to raise service performance. “Our service continues to remain at all-time highs with the on-time delivery of all the mail — First-Class Mail, periodicals and standard packages,” he says.

Revenue also increased by $400 million, due to increased package business and Standard Mail. The PMG says the new seven-year delivery contract USPS recently signed with FedEx offers substantial savings over the previous agreement.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2013, Donahoe describes upcoming changes to Priority and Express Mail. Both services will go under the name Priority Mail. To help customers determine exactly when they can have their packages delivered, USPS will offer Priority Mail 1-Day, 2-Day and 3-Day services along with Priority Mail Express.

Along with guaranteed delivery times, customers will benefit from the Postal Service’s progress in scanning. Donahoe notes that USPS has produced 2.5 billion more scans this year than last.

“This is going to give us tremendous coverage and the real-time scans our customers want,” he says. “That means a lot more package business and a lot more revenue.”

The PMG closes the video by thanking employees for their continued hard work. “You’re doing a great job,” he says.

  • BIGT

    Why on earth did you jump the gun and issue flip phones that are last century? And they are already failing, not linking, not charging, not keeping charged! WTF is wrong with you morons at the top! I think the problem is you never address the top heavy waste in the USPS! CUT CUT CUT!

    • Daniel Kaneshiro

      what are they using the flip phones for? and is that the 70,000 soon to become 170,000 devices that he spoke about?

  • disgruntles

    not to mention the brand is Pantech. the cheapest phones you could get. At&t was drooling over this deal. Let’s pawn off these cheap phones on the USPS! It really sucks when I go to scan an item and I have to wait for my scanner and phone to finish their uploading process. Let me just stand here and wait 1 minute. This is multiple times a day. It’s ridiculous.

  • GBU

    Senior execs are lacking to understand the mere basics of running a business the law of supply and demand. They want to continue to raise the price of 1st class letters which the demand is not there for. Since it is the cheapest type of mail to process they should lower the price and increase the supply. Instead they want to lower the prices of parcels, samples, etc. which the demand already exists, and is the most costly to process.
    Many mailers have gone away since USPS no longer require them to update mailing lists. These companies were getting no response from potential customers who have moved 15-20 years ago! USPS doesn’t care as long as it comes across the counter they’ll accept it.

  • GBU

    What other business can you call and ask to speak to the, owner, president, manager, etc. and get right through? Call the post office and ask to speak to the postmaster? He or she is probably the one “manning the phone”! If not they will be paged and be right with you stopping whatever they are doing. Never once have I heard one say I’m busy, take a message! Then they get on the phone and reply………..We close at 5! lol

  • MrPolarBear

    We have a Postmaster that makes twice as much as the employees. I have seen them once in the last four years. What do they do other than make over two and a half times more than employees? We now come in at nine in the morning. Why? As soon as we clock on we are told mail is up. Hurry up and get to the street. So we come in later and have to stay longer on the street in the heat. Why? Customers complain about getting their mail at 7 in the evening. Management adjust routes according to the day that had the least amount of office time and the day that had the least amount of street time. My route was adjusted by an office time made four years ago and a street time made two years ago, I have only delivered my route in 8 hrs three times in the last two years. Why not base a route on a five day average? I hate delivering mail in the dark.