USPS consolidates printing operations in Topeka

From USPS News Link:

Information Technology, Supply Management and the Memphis National Customer Service Center have entered the final stage of a 3-phase project to significantly reduce the Postal Service’s printing costs.


During the final stage, scheduled to be completed in June 2013, USPS will move Postal Automated Redirection System printing from the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) Print Center in Memphis, TN, to the new National Print Center (NPC) in Topeka, KS.

Phase one was completed last November and involved transferring print operations in San Mateo, CA; and Eagan, MN, to the NPC. Payroll checks, earning statements and Express Mail Corporate Account statements are among the documents now printed at the NPC.

During the second phase, completed in March, USPS moved print jobs from the NCSC Print Center to the NPC. Change-of-Address letters, Post Plan surveys and Printing and Classification Service Center authorization letters are now printed in Topeka.

CIO Ellis Burgoyne credited Western Area, the Supply Management Label Printing Center team, the Eagan Accounting Service Center and the IT print teams for their work to establish the expanded NPC printing operation in a short period of time. “These teams have worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition of the payroll print functions,” he said.

The consolidation project is part of an IT DRIVE Initiative. Information Technology VP John Edgar said consolidating facilities in Topeka will save USPS up to $ 2.5 million the first year, increasing to $4.2 million in 2018.

The NPC now prints more than 95 million pages a year.