Apps make it easy to send mail from mobile devices

From USPS News Link:

Technology finally has caught on to the value of the mail, with four mobile apps that let users mail custom cards and letters directly from their devices.

Cards, Felt, Ink Cards and Lettrs are four apps with a similar premise — each uses technology to produce hard-copy mail. Each app also allows users to customize a card or letter using a variety of template, text and photo options.

Once users have completed their pieces, each service prints and mails the card or letter for a flat fee.

The Cards app, first offered by Apple in 2011, is available for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. Customers can use photos stored on their devices to create a custom photo card. Each card produced using this app costs $2.99 to design and send within the U.S. International pieces cost $4.99. Users are notified when their items are delivered.

The Felt app is available only for iPads. Like Cards, it offers a variety of card templates and styles, but allows users to draft a note with a pen tool that replicates handwriting. The cards are printed, sealed and stamped for $3.99 each.

The Ink Cards app is currently available for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. It specializes in high-quality photo cards that cost $1.99, including postage, to create and deliver.

The Lettrs app gives users the ability to send a letter using the app’s online technology. Customers have three stationery options for their letters: A $2 recycled paper letter, a $4 letter on parchment paper, or an $8 letter that delivers a message on scented linen paper with a wax seal.