Carper & Coburn react to USPS Q2 financial results

WASHINGTON – Today, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Ranking Member Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) released the following reactions to the announcement that the U.S. Postal Service lost $1.9 billion in the second quarter of fiscal year 2013:

“Today’s announcement that the U.S. Postal Service lost $1.9 billion in the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2013 shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone,” said Chairman Carper. “While this quarter’s losses are less compared to the $3.2 billion lost this time last year, a $1.9 billion dollar loss is nothing to celebrate. The reality is that any financial loss at this rate is unsustainable and threatens the Postal Service’s long-term viability. As I’ve said time and time again, Congress and the Administration need to come to agreement on comprehensive legislation that reforms, right-sizes and modernizes this American institution. Although the Postal Service has seen an increase in revenue from package delivery – which is encouraging news — much more must be done to make its outdated business model financially viable long term. It is critical that we complete the difficult work ahead of us and find a solution to the Postal Service’s serious but solvable financial crisis as soon as possible – and today’s financial report should underscore that sense of urgency. We can’t afford to wait any longer.”

“Today’s announcement clearly demonstrates why postal reform is imperative. Unfortunately, this $1.9 billion loss in the second quarter of this fiscal year is only a small fraction of the $15.8 billion the Postal Service has lost since last year,” Dr. Coburn said. “While reform is necessary, the Postal Service should not wait on a parochial-minded Congress and must immediately take steps within its control to secure additional revenue and achieve cost savings, including potential action to secure additional revenue through price increases. I will continue to support giving the Postal Service the independence it needs to ensure its long-term viability.”

  • mailman

    Time to go to five day delivery.

    • Pack Mule

      The 5 day issue is dead mailidiot. Get a clue! Always an idiot that posts…. Hey let’s go to 5 day delivery. What a douschebag you are!

      • mailman

        Another whining RCA that lives in moms’ basement. Hey idiot, McD’s is hiring. Someday you can dream of being a real mailman and wearing the postal blue!

      • Keith Goss

        Never say never, five days are coming or there will soon be a privately owned postal service, can you say chicken little the sky is falling start looking for a new job



  • sweeper

    I would’t wear a postal blue and sit playing cards in a public store for 3hrs and 1hr for lunch you have poor management or you are a real milker that’s why PO is in the shape there in go fiev days

  • Painter Barry

    “…shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone,” said Chairman Carper.

    “If we want to avoid disastrous future postal rate hikes and put the Postal Service on firm financial footing, then we need to get comprehensive postal reform legislation signed into law this year,” said Senator Carper. Feb. 2006 – Postal Reform Carper – Collins Bill


  • Rocket J

    Must be nice! The Postal Service is bleeding red and all the employees get a 3.5 % raise plus colas over 2 and half years and you want congress to help. Also you pay half the cost for health plan coverage than other federal employees and you are paid an average of $10,000 a year more than your counter parts in the federal government. You will see reform but not the reform you will like. There are plenty of people that would take your place for $10,000 less a year and healthcare cost the rest of lthe federal employees pay. I forgot your special.

    • Painter Barry

      Rocket your not a “rocket scientist”! lol

      Please post your name and proof of how much you gave back voluntarily to your employer in wages and benefits. If you won’t do that than your just another internet troll!

      The Postal Service only wants to be treated like every other private business and government agency in not being required to prefund 75 years in advance for retirement and health insurance.

      If its such a good idea then Congress would require every other business in America to do the same thing. Oops! They’d be “bleeding red” too.

  • Jack Frost

    Obsolete businesses bleed red, pre-funding just increases the rate of flow, but is not the root cause of the problem. Keep telling yourself that package delivery will keep the agency solvent. And wait to see what happens to online buying as money hungry states demand tax collection efforts by retailers. Since no one can be laid off, it will stumble along until EVERYONE is laid off. Watch the print newspaper industry to see the future in reverse. They dropped home paper delivery to three days a week due to declining subscribers. Now they offer content electronically. Communication has already shifted to electronics so the agency can expect fewer delivery days to come as well, Mon-Wed- Fri sounds about right.