Post Plan initiative reaches 1-year mark

From USPS News Link:

One year after the date USPS announced its strategy for low-activity Post Offices, nearly 6,000 have been converted to reduced-hour facilities to generate cost savings.

Under the plan, Post Offices may be transitioned to 2-hour, 4-hour or 6-hour periods of operation each day. So far, more than 800 Post Offices have been converted to two hours per day. Another 3,000 have been converted to four hours per day, and more than 2,000 have been converted to six hours daily.

As USPS continues with the plan, the goal remains to keep Post Offices open and ZIP Codes in place to help communities maintain the levels of service they’re accustomed to receiving. To generate cost savings, operating hours for low-activity Post Offices continue to be modified to more closely track customer demand.

These modifications, when completed, will save an estimated half-billion dollars in annual costs.

Involving affected communities in the decision-making process continues to be a priority. Across the country, USPS has been holding meetings with community members to discuss the new hours of operation, as well as alternatives. So far, more than 7,500 meetings have been held.

Besides implementing window-hour modifications, communities also can ask for services to be transitioned to a nearby Post Office, or use rural carriers or highway contract routes for delivery.

Contracting with a local business to create a Village Post Office (VPO) also is a viable option. To date, nearly 250 VPOs are open for business in primarily rural communities.

“We’re pleased with the progress that has been made on the plan at the end of its first year,” said Delivery and Post Office Operations VP Ed Phelan. “This strategy is a key example of the commitment the Postal Service is making to return to long-term financial stability while maintaining a presence in the communities and ensuring customers receive the services they need.”

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  • Lynn

    If these Post Offices were only down graded and not closed and then served via Rural or Highway Contract Route, then the big money was left on the table.

  • TheRealFed

    The Almighty NUMBERS again; only in the USPS.

  • TheRealFed

    Where’s my clipboard? Gotta look at those NUMBERS.