• Cyrus

    OMG…a USPS run Health Care Plan? You get what you pay for. I’ll stick with FEBP.

    • Stealth fighter

      You won’t have a choice, only PMG and VPs get to keep FEHBP.

  • olschool

    How about PMG cut back on his overpaid salary some?

  • TheRealFed

    Hurry, get out before you are forced into the USPS administered health care plan.

  • Tony Clifton

    This is a glaring example of the problem of the promoting-from-within policy of the USPS. Donahoe needs to recognize he is in over his head. I certainly do. He does not think, talk, or look like a CEO of such a large entity. He truly exemplifies the horribly incompetent management that continues to drag the USPS down.

  • james

    he clearly says without the Pre-funding mandate we will break even…So then lets fix the problem and not make new ones