Video: USPS tells Hannibal MO neighborhood: no delivery until “Moose” the pit bull goes

HANNIBAL, MO. — Mail delivery came to a halt in one Hannibal neighborhood this past week due to a postal worker’s fear of a pit bull.

Moose is a 120 pound pit bull who lives in the 5000 block of College Avenue.

Complaints from neighbors and postal workers about Moose’s aggressive behavior resulted in an official suspension of mail delivery in the neighborhood.

The dog’s owner, David Taylor, disagreed with the decision.

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  • Common Sense

    Kudos to the Postal Service in Hannibal. Protect our employees at all costs. Too many of our hard working delivery folks have to put up with irresponsible/ignorant owners of some pets that belong caged in a zoo for God’s sake.
    One mistake by the owner is all it takes for a disaster to occur. How many more horrific accidents involving Pit Bulls must it take before folks realize these dogs are not Petey on the Little Rascals.

  • TheRealFed

    Ticking time bomb; glad I don’t live there.

  • Mailman

    Don’t worry, my dog won’t bite….

  • Mailman

    Listen you fat jackass. NO ONE thinks their dog will bite, until it DOES. Then you will say, “You must have provoked it”. Try being attacked by a German Sheppard that is “good with kids and would never bite” and see how you feel around aggressive dogs.I love how the media makes these two turds look like victims, long shot of the wheelchair etc. What a joke. Slow news day in Hannibal?

  • JY

    Umm… the requirement of having control of the dog being leashed and in control (set by USPS) has been in place for YEARS! This is plain ignorance by the owner.

  • Skipper

    This guy is a moron. I have been a letter carrier for 29 years and have been bitten 5 times, and none of those dogs (according to their owners), would ever bite anybody. One customer actually accused me of doing something to her dog to make it bite me! Like we have all the flipping time in the day to go around bugging dogs. Restrain your dog during carrier delivery times and you will get your mail.

  • nymomma

    They should respect the USPS.. I had a German shepherd and he was a very family friendly dog but he would go nuts over the mail man, garbage man. we love our pets but they are animals…We got 2 mail boxes one farthest away from the house, and we keep the dog in durning the mail man’s delivery time.. Simple!