New Zealand postal union fights NZ Post plans for three day delivery

“NZ Post is a public service, not a cash cow”
3 May, 2013

nzpostNew Zealand Post is a vital public service and there is no justification for reducing mail delivery to three days a week, says the union for postal workers, the EPMU.

The call follows claims from NZ Post that it would need Government subsidies unless it is allowed to slash mail delivery services in half.

EPMU national industry organiser Joe Gallagher says there is no need for drastic cuts to delivery.

“Any talk about subsidies at this stage is pure speculation and scaremongering. NZ Post is actually returning a profit and will continue to do so for some time even without any changes.

“We recognise NZ Post faces serious commercial pressures, but current mail volumes do not justify the drastic and damaging cuts that are being proposed. This proposal only makes sense if you believe NZ Post exists purely to return a profit.

“NZ Post is not a cash cow for the Government. It is a vital public service and any move to reduce its social obligations will face resistance from the Kiwis who rely on it to stay connected with their families, their communities and their customers.

“We are calling on the Government to listen to communities, keep NZ Post’s social obligations in place and commit to wider public consultation on any future changes.”

The EPMU’s submission to MBIE over changes to the Deed of Understanding is available at:

A selection of quotes from the more than 250 public submissions received by the EPMU is available at:


  • Randy L Foreback

    Wow, and many people that advocate the privatization of the US Postal Service point to the “successful” privatization of other services around the world. New Zealand Post is brought up over and over.

    Sorry to see that it is not as rosy as those in the US make it out to be.