Video: Rural mail carriers violating Florida’s seat belt law

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Rural mail carriers driving their personal vehicles without a seat belt while delivering the mail are violating Florida’s seat belt law.

Sgt. Kim Montes, an 18-year-veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol, says the agency’s legal department reviewed the unorthodox style of mail delivery and found mail carriers are not exempt in either Florida or Federal statutes from wearing a seat belt while “performing their duties.”

Read more: FHP: Rural mail carriers violating Florida’s seat belt law | News – Home.

  • Isn’t it Ironic

    That’s ironic, Florida will allow any idiot to go in any store at any time and buy a handgun with out a back ground check for a criminal record, but that mean old Rural Carrier should locked up because he might run over some little kid, who’s parents allow him to run in the streets.

    Don’t worry, now that you are making a big deal about it, the whole neighborhood can go three blocks over to a large cluster-box on the front of someone’s lawn that will supply delivery for a ten square block area and pick up there mail, because we can’t have Rural Carriers that have been driving on the wrong side of their vehicle for over 50 years to the front of your house, could be dangerous. Good Reporting!!

  • Guest

    He could be wearing the lap part of the belt. This is stupid.

    • julie leonhardt

      They ride in the MIDDLE, using left FOOT as gas/brake. Try reaching out the right side window with a lap belt. The whole driving thing is silly and not safe.

  • Rick

    wow 0nly decades to figure this out? maybe all rural carriers should be pull over and ticketed, or better yet the USPS should be fined $1,000,000,000.00 for allowing/encouraging this practice.

  • Skins

    Easy solution…pull all the mailboxes down and put in cluster boxes at each corner. Than lets watch the news report how people cry about not having their own mailbox. Report on the weather or sports…

    • paul_23

      Yeah, because God forbid they park and walk it like they’ve done for 220 years before the advent of the subdivision and the cluster box.

  • julie leonhardt

    Rural carriers drive in the MIDDLE of the seat, using left feet for gas, brake pedals and handing out mail on right side. How can you wear a seat belt. I would be worried about this practice of driving, rather then the seat belt law.

  • Puzby

    Twenty-five years ago I processed the paperwork on one of our rural carriers who was killed driving like that. Doesn’t surprise me in the least that it’s still going on. I’m saddened, but I’m not surprised.

  • paul_23

    It seems to me that the supremacy clause would be invoked here- the USPS is a Constitutionally authorized federal agency (unlike the myriad other agencies legislated into existence by the Congress) and interfering with mail delivery is a federal offense. In other words, federal agent performing official duties- get out of the way.