Video: Owner Of Dog That Attacked Postal Worker Apologizes

ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – The woman who accidentally let out a dog that attacked a postal carrier says she is full of regret and sadness. She opened up to FOX 2 about what happened that day.

North St. Louis resident Barbrial Jones and her fiancé have two pit bulls, one and a half year-old Baby and three year-old Fifty. But Tuesday afternoon, it was just Baby out in the backyard, since Animal Control quarantined Fifty when he attacked the postal worker a day earlier.

USPS mail carrier Gwen Moore was delivering mail on Jordan Street when she saw the dogs and got frightened.

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    • Django

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  • Jack Newmark

    She should pay for her medical bills, not just an apology.

  • Cliff Claven

    Unfit owners. As she said, the dogs are to strong for me to control. Take both dogs now before a child is killed.