APWU challenges POStPlan at arbitration hearing

apwulogoThe APWU challenged management’s “POStPlan” at an arbitration hearing that began on May 1. The union charged that the plan, which resulted in a drastic reduction in the hours of operation at thousands of post offices, also deprives the APWU members of thousands of jobs, in violation of the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Testifying at the hearing was Abigail Schmeelk, a member of the Greater Connecticut Area Local, who is the only clerk at the Thompson Post Office. Schmeelk described the work of clerks in small offices that is typical of those affected by the plan.

“The POStPlan violates the clear language of new provisions of the contract,” said Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris. New language in the 2010 contract stipulates that the work in question must be performed by craft employees, he testified. Assistant Clerk Craft Director Lyle Krueth also testified.

“This is a crucial case that has the potential to create and protect thousands of jobs,” Morris said.

Management will present its case at a future date.

  • disgrunted clerk

    Are you surprised?

  • Nice One

    Hopefully this arbitration decision will be the dagger in the heart of this dinosaur pushing it finally to its knees so it can do a death roll. Why does management keep insisting they cannot run the same sized post office with so much less mail volume today? I guess when some checks bounce or offices have their power turned off or every vendor demands cash, the unions may believe things aren’t good enough to keep demanding no changes.

  • tony

    Nice One, good comments. Common sense is dead in this county. Don’t drink the water, it must be contaminated by the “common sense killer”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.b.redmon Edward B Redmon

    Neither one of you have a clue, do you?

  • 5 day all the way

    clerks should be timed for everything they do like carriers

  • Former Clerk now PM

    If the clerks are good employees they would desire to be EAS…they want gravy jobs without accountability. Im just saying…don’t hate.

    • clerk

      Most craft employees become postmasters to do less work and make more money. dont hate. just sayin.