News flash: USPS Warns it might run out of cash soon

Alan Robinson notes that a reporter has suggested that the US Postal Service might run out of cash come October- and be unable to meet it’s payroll:

The report was apparently based on comments made at a recent “Industry Focus Group”.

In a related item, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the Postmaster General told Congress that “the post office will run out of money this year unless it gets help… as he sought permission to cut delivery to five days a week.”

POTTERBefore you get too excited about the PMG’s dire warning (or reporter MacFarlane’s “scoop”), I should tell you that the PMG who issued that warning wasn’t Pat Donahoe- it was Jack Potter, and the Plain Dealer story is from 2009.

And they wonder why their warnings aren’t taken seriously?

Read more: USPS May Not Have Cash to Meet Payroll in October | Courier Express and Postal Observer.

  • Worried employee

    Wow and no one looks at all these high payed Postmaster General and all management under him who needs all of them

  • Crzymailgrl

    It’s all BS… Every year the post office claims that they are broke and comes the end of the year, And by a miracle money shows up for they bonuses…You have suckers who actually accepts these lies and apply for these so call new positions which in time they will realize that it is not worth it

  • Chris

    and don’t stop there you have overpaid supervisors and postmasters and then their bosses and then their bosses! Absolute waste of money but they just don’t see it that way sitting right in front of their faces!

  • sickofthepmg

    Our plant is consolidating this week, and as many as 100 will be sent elsewhere, but no change in the number of Supervisors? Hmm. I guess they need one Supervisor for every two workers now?

  • juicyfruit

    Same song sung every year. It’s like telling me I’m getting a raise.