NALC calls USPS bid to renegotiate contracts “insulting and unnecessary”

NALC President Fred Rolando says he’s “gratified” that the USPS Board of Governors has, for now, pulled the plug on plans to discontinue Saturday mail delivery. The NALC is not pleased with another of the Board’s decision to ask the unions to reopen contract negotiations in order “to lower total workforce costs”:

“The Board’s call to reopen and renegotiate the postal labor contracts is yet another sign that the Postal Service needs new executive leadership. Asking the NALC to renegotiate a contract that was just settled in January is insulting and unnecessary. The new agreement, which reduced starting pay by 25 to 33 percent and allows for major health care savings, provides for several labor-management task forces to work on ways to increase revenues and cut costs.

Read more: Latest News | NALC President Rolando statement on USPS Board of Governors announcement.

  • Painter Barry

    When the Postal Service brings its Management and Executive workforce into alignment with volume and employee workforce and first cuts their wages and benefits then they would be sincere. Funny the Postmaster General’s wages and benefit package was increased by Congress but he don’t seem to inclined to give any of that up? 🙂

    • John APWU Member

      Amen !!!!!

  • LiamSkye

    I agree with Rolando. The contracts did not cause the problems and should not be looked at to provide the solutions.

  • Jack Frost

    The PRC knew unions would resist any contract renegotiation so they included this as well “. to take administrative actions necessary to reduce
    costs,” . Could a true RIF be in the offing?

    • Grumpy

      No one seems interested in answering your question. It seems more fun to insult everybody and everything and ignore the possible: A RIF! Yes, Nancy, there is such a procedure.

  • DaPhantomMailman

    Repeal the mandate, retrieve the FERS & CSRS overpayments, stop the cuts & closures, stop the delay of mail and lastly stop the management bullying !culture (THE EMPLOYEES ARE ALWAYS SCREWIN AROUND!) Save this great institution that is part of our constitution! What would our first PMG BENJAMIN FRANKLIN do? I’m just saying…

  • DaPhantomMailman

    Repeal the mandate, retrieve the FERS & CSRS overpayments, stop the cuts & closures, stop the bullying culture of management (THE EMPLOYEES ARE SCREWIN AROUND!) New leadership to lead this great institution that’s part of our constitution! What would our first PMG BENJAMIN FRANKLIN do? I’m just saying…

  • Je Sparks

    all they would have to do to help a lot is every time somebody says they are going to be 30 to 40 mins over, not send management out to walk with them for 3 hrs. that happens in our office every day. what we need to do is cut management back to 1 manager for every 20 employee not like it is now about 1 to 4

  • Bear MrPolar

    Perhaps if the PMG would stop having parties with his 400 executives………….. Do we need 400 executives???????? wonder how much they make…………. In my opinion, if you’re not moving the mail, chances are, you’re not needed.

  • Jenn

    I’m a letter carrier and my pay is being decreased by $6/hr. I did the math and that means $1200-$1800 gone a month. I’m still glad I got to keep my job but the decrease in pay is really gonna hurt. :-/

    • san

      your starting pay should have never been what it was..we all started out at 16 an hour..if we all make 25 dollars an hour after 30 years why would you start at 21???that was all wrong from the get go

      • jeremy

        we don’t have any access to benefits so how is $22 wrong from the get go?

        • PO65

          because the work was classified as temporary and offered NO career path. whether or not that was true is up for debate, but it was contractual and mutually agreed upon by the USPS and union. Now the new contract offers a career path and benefits down the road with an appropriate level of hourly wage. again, a contract issue. problem? see your steward, attend the monthly branch meetings, and be vocal

  • Jenn

    They decrease our pay, make us come in later but expect the same amount of work to be done???? Yea! Not gonna happen. Our previous manager sat in his office talking to his buddies or he was outside taking a smoke break every 5 minutes. But when “the big bosses” showed up he would stay on the floor the whole morning yelling at us….Get rid of the waste!!!!

  • Gullyrat

    Just give us an EO for god sake

  • dwight sanders

    Hold that money