Issa “disappointed” USPS Board chose to obey the law

WASHINGTON – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., issued the following statement in response to the United States Postal Service announcement that it has reversed its decision to pursue modified Saturday delivery:

“I am disappointed that the Postal Service has backed away from plans to implement a modified Saturday delivery schedule that polling indicates the American people understand and support.  This reversal significantly undercuts the credibility of Postal officials who have told Congress that they were prepared to defy political pressure and make difficult but necessary cuts.

“Just a few months ago, when USPS announced that it would alter Saturday delivery service, it made no mention that this change could only occur if Congress eliminated an old and well-known provision of law.   Despite some assertions, it’s quite clear that special interest lobbying and intense political pressure played a much greater role in the Postal Service’s change of heart than any real or perceived barrier to implementing what had been announced.

“While I will continue to work on comprehensive postal reform legislation that can pass both the House and Senate, this reversal will clearly be a setback to such efforts.”

  • Sandra Savat-Mann

    I am against anything that Issa wants since he’s been trying his darnedest for years to destroy the USPS.

  • gadfly

    Is there any other laws that Issa would like the USPS break? With that kind of thinking, why is he a congressman?

    • Toejam

      California………..says it all.

    • Unforgiven

      Take a look at Issa’s own criminal past. He’s well suited to sit in congress.

      • DaPhantomMailman

        Yes I agree grand theft auto I think was the charge.

  • Tired of the BS RCATX

    All I can say is, “Ha ha ha” Now kiss my RCA butt..

    • san

      they only want to put it off thill september

  • Jack

    Those that demand six day
    will be the first to complain
    about renegotiating our contracts.

    • Joan Hart-Richards

      Why would we renogotiate our contract? It is currently base on six day delivery.

    • Je Sparks

      we just settled it 3 months ago if it was what you think it is then the contract wouldnt have been signed then


    issa- all he deserves are small letters because he’s a very incompetent politician!!

    • Sylvia Van Vranken Milburn

      Incompetent is kind of giving him too much credit…..

  • Mr USA

    Darrell Issa should have got off his backside months ago and let some of the bills that were blocked by his committee be voted on and help solve the problems congress created in 2006. He is so lame!

  • lola falana

    Issa gonna f us something fierce!

    • Je Sparks

      agree 1000%

  • mike stanton

    I think it’s downright hysterical hearing Issa complain about integrity…he wouldn’t know what that is even if it snuck up and bit him in his corrupt money grabbing behind

  • Sam

    Saturday Mail Delivery is a HUGE WASTE OF $$$$$ Don’y worry we’ll only have to deliver your junk mail ONLY 5 Days before long:)

    • Guest

      Don’t count on it!

  • Gimmie5

    If something don’t happen soon will all be out of a damn jo. all we deliver is junk even the damn government want use the post office. All government check go direct deposit now but they can still controlled us. I’m still keeping my hopes up we go 5 day.

  • MrZip

    Do you think Issa is for everything the American want? You can’t pick and choose with a statement like that.

  • QuestionU

    The ONLY effort that Rep. Issa has put forth IS UNQUESTIONABLY HIS OWN special-interest concerns of supporting lobbing groups, who wish to dismantle & privatize the ALREADY private…yet- Fed.-regulated USPS agency, and give it to those profit-grabbing hands of of HIS Republican lobbyists. He DARES to criticize the opinions of USPS employees & those of unions which support their members’ positions? Issa is a political fraud.

  • cc

    the only ones that are for 6 days on this site are rca’s and union employees 5 day all the way

  • QuestionU

    Call the kettle black? Issa’s ONLY wish is to privatize the USPS! He’s backed by his OWN conservative private-business lobbyists who wish to skim the profitable “city delivery” for personal, private business gains, while leaving the undesirable, unprofitable “rural delivery” to the Feds. Rep. Issa & his ilk are NO friend to supporting the USPS or the American people.

  • Jose Viana

    ISSA disappointed that the board decided to obey the LAW? ……..holy crap isn;t that what we Americans are suppose to do? or is ISSA making his own rules like a dictator?

    • Sylvia Van Vranken Milburn

      It’s what WE are supposed to do,but not what HE’S supposed to do…..

  • Mark Carter Jones

    Being a law breaker himself I understand his point of view. Takes a criminal to break the law.

  • Igb

    I want Sats off!!!! Go Issa

    • Sylvia Van Vranken Milburn

      If you want sats off go work somewhere else…..

  • nick

    just follow the money, Issa only wants whats best for Issa.

  • nick

    did you see where the UK wants to privatize the postal service. stamps will be $1.00.

    • Jack Frost

      The crux of the issue is even if stamps went to ten dollars, it won’t affect most young people who do business completely electronically. It won’t serve to affect most older folks either who tend to mail less anyway. Job cuts ARE coming, it is simply a matter of how many and when. The PRC directed management to take whatever administrative action available to curb costs. Since this most likely wont be paid leave, you must wonder if this will involve an actual reduction in force?

  • james kester

    ???? I thought we already decided this issue. Who cares what Congress say’s. I want Saturday off.

  • Joseph Kavanaugh

    issa, wrong

  • DaPhantomMailman

    Hey isn’t funny our USPS board of governor’s have the CEO of UPS and the CEO of FEDEX on the board! Hmmmm I’m just saying!

    • Unforgiven

      You are just wrong, either ignorant or a shameless liar.

      • DaPhanthomMailman

        Do your research! I’m just saying before you judge!

  • DaPhantomMailman

    Now if we go 5 DAYS are you ready all of you to have every one of those 5DAYS to be like MONDAYS! And brother & sister fellow carriers, let’s not forget ELECTIONS, DAYS AFTER DA HOLIDAYS and oh yes WINTERTIME! Repeal the mandate! Don’t delay the mail! Stop the cuts and closures. Save our USPS this great institution part of our constitution!

  • DaPhantomMailman

    Repeal the mandate! Refund the FERS & CSRS overpayments! Stop the cuts and closures! Save 6 day delivery and this great institution that’s part of our constitution! For those of you who want 5 day delivery you are being mislead! I’m just saying…

  • bob1233

    elimate postmaster jobs and the senseless bonus for management who intimate and make a hostile work atmosphere in the workplace.

  • bob1233

    The USPS treats its employees badly. There is a lot of waste within the postoffice like to many supervisors and a postmaster in most offices. At least in Hawaii.

  • bob1233

    The postoffice is micro managed.

  • max

    how many other laws has the congressman tried tio break?

  • K

    Darrell Issa is a complete and pathetic moron

  • Sylvia Van Vranken Milburn

    Issa is a PIA

  • ajkearney725

    Issa has been on a mission to dismantle or privatize the Postal Service. He has met a lot of opposition from all parties. He has a twisted sense of what the Postal Service means to this country. It might not fill his wealthy needs but it does fill the needs of a lot of people that aren’t as prosperous as he is. It must be good to look down from that golden mountain at the rest of us.

  • Licentia

    End the PAEA, which mandates the USPS pay into a retirement fund for future employees that haven’t even been born yet. BOOM. Problem solved.