USPS Ushers in spring with Vintage Seed Packets commemorative forever stamps


OAKS, Pa., April 5, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, the U.S. Postal Service celebrated the arrival of spring by dedicating new Vintage Seed Packets Commemorative Forever stamps. These beautiful First-Class stamps, based on photographs of seed packets from a century ago, were dedicated at the Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition.

“Seed packet art depicts the utmost in floral perfection,” said dedicating official and Postal Service Philadelphia Metropolitan District Manager Chu Falling Star . “At the turn of the early 1900s, packets like those displayed on the stamps encouraged Americans to create the perfect floral garden. The Postal Service’s release of these stamps reminds us about the beauty flowers add to our lives and signals the arrival of spring.”

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Video: PMG’s State of the Postal Service Report to Employees

From the US Postal Service:

In his latest State of the Business video, PMG Pat Donahoe addresses some of the mixed messages employees may be hearing regarding the future of USPS.

The PMG begins the video by focusing on the steps the Postal Service is taking to address the financial challenges created by declining First-Class Mail volumes.

“We will continue with the necessary actions that we have to take — things that we can control,” says the PMG. These actions include network consolidations; the Post Plan; and discussions with Congress and stakeholders regarding the USPS plan for 6-day package, 5-day mail delivery.

“When all these things are done, that will be it for the big, major changes,” Donahoe says.

The PMG then clears up misinformation employees may hear on postal issues, such as fears that a move to six-day package, five-day mail delivery will result in massive layoffs. “We have made major changes in this organization without having to lay anyone off,” says Donahoe.

He also emphasizes that there are no plans to reduce mail delivery to fewer than five days a week, saying that doing so would be detrimental to the Postal Service’s business. He points out that five-day delivery is critical for commercial First-Class Mail.

The PMG closes by thanking employees for their hard work, noting that service levels remain at an all-time high, thanks to employee dedication.

State of the Postal Service April 3, 2013 – YouTube.