Quad/Graphics and USPS Redefine the Digital Mail Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Quad/Graphics, a leading global printer and media channel integrator, was recognized by the U.S. Postal Service this week for excellence in driving technology innovation and supporting growth for the mailing industry. Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer, Patrick R. Donahoe presented the inaugural Partnership for Growth award to Quad/Graphics at the annual National Postal Forum.

The prestigious award represents the Postal Service’s dedication to recognizing innovation in a rapidly evolving technology environment. “Quad/Graphics has played a tremendous leadership role in our industry, and has pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology use,” said the Postmaster General. “Our collaboration with Quad/Graphics demonstrates how technology is making mail more powerful and transforming the mailing industry.”

Quad/Graphics received the recognition for its leadership role in driving technology advancements in direct mail, catalogs and magazines. These innovations help customers — large and small — make better use of digital technologies, social integration and smart codes to improve the mail experience. Through pushing the boundaries and adapting mail with new technology, Quad/Graphics and USPS join forces to drive growth and competition in the mailing industry.

“Our success as a company is directly linked to our long-standing commitment to technology leadership. As innovative people redefining print, we are constantly developing and deploying solutions that build on the proven power of print and mail in a multichannel media world,” said Joel Quadracci , President and CEO of Quad/Graphics, who accepted the award via video Monday. “Through our suite of interactive print solutions, we are redefining how printed materials can be used in the mail to better engage consumers and maximize business results. That’s what will drive growth for us and the printing and mailing industries. We appreciate being recognized for our leadership role with this prestigious award.”

The Partnership for Growth award recognizes Quad/Graphics for being at the forefront of driving technology advancements in direct mail, catalogs and magazines. Early on, Quad/Graphics shared information about its interactive print solutions, which helped the Postal Service make decisions on technology-driven promotional initiatives using QR codes. Quad/Graphics continues to advocate for the Postal Service and its use of integrating technologies to increase mail volume. The company also is a leader in developing new technology tools and applications, as well as state-of-the-art performance measurement tools that meet the dynamic needs of today’s marketers and publishers.

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