Video Tribute: So Congress Made a Postal Carrier

“The USPS announced plans February 6, 2013 to cut Saturday mail delivery later in the year. The announcement put the spotlight back on the organization and caused waves of both support and disagreement. Regardless of the decision, we at Typ A Marketing appreciate our postal carriers and the establishment of the postal system. Inspired by the work they do to keep America moving forward, we wanted to salute them with this video. They, as individuals, are as important to this country’s success as teachers, our armed forces, business women and men, and farmers.”


  • BostonEAS

    Thank you TypA Marketing.

  • rhonda

    Thanks so much for sharing. There are so many of us carriers who are dedicated and hard working people who care and we thank you for the salute. we don’t hear much of that and we know we have some disappointed customers out there, for that I apologize.

  • Drika

    That’s awesome! Thank you for caring…some forget about us with email, pay by phone, pay online…cuts put the middle man…US!! Thanks again for the acknowledgment!

  • Junnah

    Thank you for this… I think that the Postmaster General needs to see this so he will realize that it is not up to him to decide on anything when it comes to the Postal Service but up to Congress….

  • Joe

    and now congress will do anything to get rid of them in favor of corporate profits

  • Joan

    Thank you for the beautiful tribute! Is there any way to get a hard copy of this to share at our union meeting? I’ve been a letter carrier for 25 years and it would be wonderful for my fellow carriers to see that people still care about the sanctity of the work our brother’s and sister’s do. THANK YOU!

  • schnufus

    And Fred Smith said: I am not wealthy enough.

  • Dis mailman


  • Cherie Karr

    Love it, Thank you.

  • Katman

    If anyone thinks “Congress” can effectively run anything they are highly misinformed!

    • Catfan552001

      People who think congress run the post office are HIGHLY misinformed!!!

  • Eddieweme

    Bless the people who made this for recognizing us.

  • John Bonanno

    It wasn’t really Congress that made postal carriers. It was the Constitution itself.

  • Donna Schiraldi Nappi

    Amen….thank you!

  • kartero

    G R E A T !

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