Video: Please, Mr. Postman- Flash mob serenades retiring postal workers

Carrboro, NC, Retail Associates Solomon Hunter and Preston Mooney were busy with customers when a group of people carrying packages appeared in the postal lobby.

With more than a half-century of USPS experience between them, Hunter and Mooney were counting down the days to their Jan. 31 retirement date.

“I was about to call for a lobby director,” recalled Mooney. “They came out of nowhere, like a bus had just dropped them off.”

Then the group dropped their packages, removed their coats to reveal red outfits, and lined up to face the counter. Both employees realized they were regular customers on an unusual mission. Music started playing and the “flash mob” began dancing and singing the 1961 classic, “Please Mr. Postman.”

The group, comprised primarily of a local all-female ensemble called The Clichés, wanted to thank the retail associates for their years of friendly service.

“At first, I had no idea what they were doing,” said Hunter, who continued working with his customers during the first song, “but, it was really nice.”

Mooney, who spent 20 years in Carrboro, said, “They made me feel special. I’ve gotten to know so many of these customers over the years and I’m going to miss them.”

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