Video: Upside down post office flag blamed on “kids” (or maybe right wing wackos?)

In a follow-up to yesterday’s story about the upstate new York post office that was flying the American flag upside down on Veteran’s Day, WHEC TV in Rochester reports that it’s not the fault of post office employees- someone’s apparently doing it at night when the office is closed. Whether the offenders are mischievous kids or right wing extremists upset about the election results is an open question:

Bill Rowe said, “Normally it just stays up all the time. It never, ever, gets taken down because of the light. The kids have been flipping it at night, well we think kids.”

Bill Rowe says postmaster Terri Thomas is his girlfriend and she heard hear about the flag.

Rowe said, “She asked me to come and flip it.”

Within five minutes, Rowe had the flag up right, but says this has been a daily occurrence since the election. Some have speculated it might be someone making a statement about the election outcome.

Rowe said, “It is a little strange. I don’t know. I think it’s just kids because she’s had other pranks like smashed pumpkins and things so I don’t know if it’s disgruntled people. I think it’s just pranks.”

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