USPS set to expand use of lobby assistants and self-service kiosks

USPS is expanding its use of “lobby assistants” at select Post Offices to help customers take advantage of new self-service opportunities and to help improve the customer experience.

The expanded role for lobby assistants coincides with the deployment of a new generation of Self-Service Kiosks . In November, USPS will begin equipping each of 15 Post Offices with two new kiosks.

Customers in Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami will be the first to use the new kiosks, which feature a brighter and larger touch screen. There’s also a scanner for pricing greeting cards and ReadyPost products, along with a scale.

“The new kiosks are designed to improve the overall customer experience and convenience,” said Kelly Sigmon, Channel Access VP. “This is about getting our customers to feel at ease when using kiosks. Bottom line, it’s about making mailing and shipping with the Postal Service a convenient, easy experience. We want to be the customer’s first choice every time.”

The Postal Service’s expanded use of “lobby assistants” is intended to introduce customers to the new kiosks and show them how they work. The lobby assistants also will greet and prepare customers waiting in line to make their transactions with retail associates quicker and easier.

Sigmon said the addition of the new kiosks and the expansion of the lobby assistant’s role in retail operations would improve the overall customer experience. “kiosks, supported by our lobby assistants, are a winning proposition for building the Postal Service of the future,” she said.

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