USPS to test same day delivery service

The US Postal Service plans to test a same day delivery service in select metropolitan areas beginning next month. The service would target online retailers. The USPS isn’t publicly revealing pricing for the service, but says it will “fall within the price range” of current same day service providers. From the USPS regulatory filing:

Metro Postâ„¢ is a package delivery service offering that will provide customers with same-day delivery from participating locations within a defined metropolitan area. The market test, which will begin on or shortly after November 12, 2012, is specifically designed for online e-commerce companies and their associated retailers to deliver products to buyers in a unique and timely manner, provided that the buyers live within the specified metropolitan area in the vicinity of the participating locations. In addition to testing the operational feasibility of same-day delivery of packages to/from multiple locations, the market test will also assist the Postal Service in determining the optimal pricing structure for this type of service.