Post Office initiative to begin: reduced hours for rural areas

From USPS News Link:

USPS is set to launch its plan to keep nearly 13,000 of the nation’s smallest Post Offices open with modified hours.

First announced in May, the strategy for low-activity Post Offices in rural areas will match hours of operation with customer use and is expected to save USPS up to $500 million upon completion.

Under the plan, each district will begin notifying communities where Post Offices are affected by operating hour changes. Notifications will start after Labor Day, with public meetings to take place in early October. Initially, USPS will focus attention on changes at 4,500 Post Offices that currently do not have Postmasters.

Under the plan, which was reviewed by the Postal Regulatory Commission, each resident of affected communities will receive a letter describing the proposed changes, along with a survey. to complete. The letter also will invite residents to a public meeting to discuss the new hours of operation.

Residents will have two weeks to complete the survey, and USPS will have an additional 14 days to compile the data. Meeting notices will be posted at each affected Post Office, which also will have surveys available for residents.

Notices affecting the remaining Post Offices on the list of 13,000 retail facilities will be scheduled over a 2-year period. Conversions to the new hours of operation for each affected Post Office could take effect within 60 days of the date residents are notified.