USPS offers early out to 3,300 EAS employees affected by organizational changes

From USPS News Link:

As part of its ongoing efforts to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs, the Postal Service is proceeding with several organizational changes, effective Aug. 25. These changes include:

  • Continuing activities related to mail processing operations at Processing and Distribution Centers and Post Offices affected by Phase Iof the network consolidation plan.
  • Consolidating the Computerized Forwarding System.
  • Re-ranking and aligning Network Distribution Centers with Area offices.

With these changes — and as part of the Postal Service’s Reduction in Force avoidance plan — USPS is making a Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) offer to more than 3,300 EAS employees with a December 31, 2012 VER retirement date.

USPS notified impacted employees this week and has given them detailed information with a timeline of events to help them make decisions.

Senior leadership roles in the districts that are important in ensuring continuity of operations and managing change are not eligible for this VER offering.

Frequently asked questions related to the Reduction-in-Force (RIF) and the VER are available on the Organizational Change website or the Workforce Connection website on LiteBlue. Employees should check both sites often for updates.