APWU Endorses Barack Obama

Delegates to the APWU’s 21st Biennial Convention voted unanimously on Wednesday to endorse President Barack Obama for a second term.

President Obama addresses delegates

President Obama addresses delegates

In these difficult times for postal workers and for all working people, delegates expressed their clear belief that President Obama stands on the side of workers, while his opponent this November threatens the very existence of the labor movement.

In his State of the Union address earlier in the week, President Guffey told the assembled delegates that “If there’s a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Republican president [in January], it won’t be a matter of years — it will be a matter of days before we lose our right to collective bargaining.”

Delegates listened to a recorded message from President Obama shortly before the vote.

“We want to build an economy that lasts,” the President said, “and that’s why we’re pushing back against the assault on unions, because the values you stand for — hard work, responsibility, looking out for one another — aren’t just union values.  They’re American values.

“That’s why we’re fighting to make sure that the United States Postal Service keeps delivering for the American people.”

The delegates made clear their approval of this message.