Burrus relinquishes “President Emeritus” title

Former APWU President Bill Burrus has been sharply critical of the current union leadership, most recently earlier this week when he noted that the APWU currently has “more elected officers than the top seven labor unions combined”.

Today he went a step further, advising the union that he was relinquishing the title of “President Emeritus” whiach had been bestowed on him two years ago.

The award has become an issue in my criticism of union decisions that will seriously affect postal employees and I cannot in good faith continue the ceremonial title with the expectations of solidarity. I strongly oppose the damage done to postal employment and the residual effect on employees. The Los Angeles convention will consider monumental issues that will decide the future of the union and I do not want to serve as a distraction to issues of substance and consequence.

via BurrusJournal.org – WITH REGRETS.