USPS customer satisfaction rises as UPS and FedEx slide

The idea that the US Postal Service just doesn’t provide the service that its private competitors do is pretty much sacred dogma for politicians in both parties.

According to a recent survey, however, the American people disagree. The American Customer Satisfaction Index’s latest report shows that the USPS matches the customer satisfaction level of UPS, and is just a point behind FedEx. More importantly, satisfaction with the USPS is increasing, while UPS and FedEx are deteriorating.

FedEx and UPS face deteriorating customer satisfaction, with FedEx sliding one point to 82 and UPS dropping five points to 81. Only the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) showed improvement, up three points to an all-time high of 81 for its express delivery business.

The UPS/FedEx comparison is to USPS’s competitive Priority and Express Mail products. USPS performance overall is also at an all-time high at 75%.

Ironically, the USPS approval rating is just one point less than Congress’s DISapproval rating!

via Papa John’s, JetBlue, USPS score high in satisfaction survey.