Changes coming for comments

We were notified recently that Echo, the company that has provided the comment feature on the site, is discontinuing that service. In the last few days the service has been sluggish or even inaccessible from time to time. That situation may get worse as time goes by, since Echo has pretty much shut down its support for the service. So in order to make sure we’re providing an opportunity for feedback on the news, we’ve added Facebook comment links. If you click the “FB comments” link, you’ll be able to post and read comments, and you’ll have the option of displaying your comment in your Facebook timeline as well.

Some readers have complained about having to turn over their personal information to Facebook in order to post comments- but all you need in order to post a Facebook comment is a Facebook login. You’re under no obligation to provide Facebook with anything other than your name and email address. And if you choose to share more than that, there are settings to limit who can see your information- family, friends, friends of friends, or even specific individuals. (You can even set your default privacy to “only me”, meaning anything you post won’t be visible to anyone else until you manually change the setting).

The current Facebook comment feature isn’t perfect, but we’ve been using it exclusively for the last few months here on the blog, and it has been very successful. There are other options we’ll probably try before Echo disappears for good- if you have a suggestion, let us know in the comments, or by emailing us at on