JC Penney uses direct mail to target consumers

From USPS News Link:

Direct mail is a key component of the new integrated marketing campaign recently launched by major retailer JC Penney.

In late January, the department store revamped its merchandising and pricing strategy to reflect a new identity it believes is more relevant to today’s consumers. This strategy includes a monthly direct mail “book” — not a catalog — that contains several Quick Response (QR) codes linked to additional content.

The book will be mailed to 14 million targeted customers 12 times a year to advertise the company’s monthly sales promotions.

JC Penney hopes that this marketing strategy will bring back customers by enticing them to visit their stores.

“We are actually seeing more marketing campaigns drive consumers back to brick-and-mortar stores through the use of direct mail,” said Rob Williamson, senior account executive with Vertis Communications, a marketing and ad agency in Baltimore, MD.

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