PMR opportunity for retiring Postmasters

From USPS News Link:

Postmasters eligible for optional retirement — or eligible to retire under the current Voluntary Early Retirement offering — have an opportunity to continue serving their communities by applying to become Postmaster Relief (PMR) employees.

Accepting a PMR position will not affect annuity payments. The pay rate for a PMR who takes advantage of this opportunity will be $11.76 per hour.

The Postal Service will hire PMRs to work in Post Offices where the operating hours are reduced to 2-4 hours and where other conditions are met. Postmasters who retire will be eligible for these positions.

Eligible applicants can apply by providing a written request to their Human Resources District Managers that includes the locations where they are interested in working.

The Postal Service believes retired Postmasters make excellent reemployment candidates for these positions because of their knowledge of postal products and services, their community connections and their ability to provide continuity of service.

via USPS News Link Story – PMR opportunity for retiring Postmasters.