Update: carrier suspended pending investigation of dog’s death

Update: according to Cincinnati TV station WLWT, the carrier involved in this incident has been placed on leave with pay, pending an investigation. The station also says Covington City Commissioner Steve Frank told USPS officials “We made a strong suggestion that the postman not carry mail in the city of Covington for a while. Our message to the public is you will not abuse animals in the city of Covington.”

KENTON HILLS, Ky. – It couldn’t be an easy house call for Postal Service supervisor Terry Estrada to make.

"Let me express my greatest apologies," she told 77-year-old Nelson Hamm in front of his house on Devou Woods Drive in Kenton Hills. "I’m so sorry that this happened."

Thursday afternoon, Hamm said he watched as a mail carrier deliberately ran over his 3-year-old golden retriever, Nala.

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