Last IRT taken out of service

The 1980s called — they want their IRTs back.

From USPS NewsLink:

The last fully functioning Integrated Retail Terminal (IRT) recently was removed from the New Florence, PA, Post Office.

When first introduced in the 1980s, the IRT replaced calculators, manual scales, cash registers and ZIP Code directories. The IRT provided cutting-edge technology — for the 1980s — used for sales transactions, weighing and rating parcels and, eventually, barcode scanning.

The Postal Service initially deployed 36,000 IRT’s nationwide. Their life expectancy was 10 years; however, the reliable machines supported retail operations for a quarter century.

In the 1990s, USPS began replacing the IRTs with Point of Sale (POS) terminals. The new technology made the IRT virtually obsolete, except in smaller postal retail units, Contract Postal Units and mobile retail units, where they continued to operate until this month.

According to New Florence Officer in Charge Shauna Warner, “POS will provide New Florence Post Office customers easier, faster transactions and help us better serve the community.”

via USPS News Link Story – End of an era.