CUPW plans National RSMC Virtial Town Hall Saturday

From the Canadian Union of Postal Workers:

RSMCs – Let’s Talk!

National RSMC  Virtual Town Hall June 10th – Mark Your Calendars
We’ll Call You.



While RSMC negotiations are underway, your union representatives are well aware of what a challenge it will be to bring all of us together when negotiations come down to the crunch. We know that many RSMCs live and work in small and rural communities, while others work alongside urban members.

That’s why we are going to try something new and unprecedented for our Union – an open phone forum for all RSMCs across the country. Such forums have been tried with great success in other unions. It gives us a chance to come together, to talk about our issues, to ask questions and to connect with other RSMCs and union representatives.

Two forums – one French, one English – are scheduled for Sunday June 10th.

French from 2 – 3 pm (EDT).

English from 4 – 5 pm (EDT).

This time was arranged to ensure the greatest possible participation. Making time for this call would be greatly appreciated.

All RSMCs are invited to participate. Here’s how it works: you will receive a telephone reminder prior to the call. On June 10th, your phone will ring at 2 pm EDT if you participate in the French forum, or at 4 pm EDT if you participate in the English forum. When you pick up the phone, you’ll automatically be placed in the call.

Please note that all questions will be screened to ensure we can answer as many as possible and to avoid duplication. All RSMCs will have the opportunity to pose questions and comments following the call. Union representatives will follow up on each and every one of these if we didn’t have time to address them during the call.

The call will be moderated by Brother Denis Lemelin, National President, with Brother Donald Lafleur, RSMC chief negotiator and RSMC’s negotiators participating. Elected officers and union representatives will be listening on the line as well as many Local Presidents. But as RSMCS, you are the ones who will have the floor. Your elected officers are there to listen to your voices.

We look forward to hearing from you on June 10th. You are the Union.

In Solidarity,

Gayle Bossenberry
1st National Vice-President


(May 31, 2012 / RSMC Negotiations Bulletin No 11)