House plans to delay action on postal reform, then take another vacation

While Dennis Ross and Darrell Issa tweet a good game on the urgency of doing something about the US Postal Service, they don’t seem in any hurry to actually DO anything. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Jamie Dupree, the House has no plans to take up the “reform” legislation proposed by the pair this week. Maybe the week after? Sorry, no- after another week of speeches, tweets, and inaction, our hardworking representatives plan to take yet another vacation:

While the Senate has approved a postal reform bill, there is no rush in the House, as no postal reform legislation is on the schedule again this week.

And since the House will be taking another 10 day break at the end of this week, no postal legislation could even reach the floor until June.

via What’s Next on Postal Reform | Jamie Dupree Washington Insider.