House GOP acts to protect federal pensions (not yours- theirs!)

Former congressmen now making a fortune in the lobbying industry, take heed: your government pensions are safe.

That’s the word from Politico, which reports that Republicans defeated a Democrat attempt to keep former Congressmen who sell their influence as lobbyists from collecting Civil Service (or FERS) pensions at the same time. This despite the fact that the prohibition would only apply to those who collected a million dollars a year or more by prostituting themselves in this way.

I suppose the first question we should be asking is why the Civil Service pension system, which is supposedly under so much stress, should be paying pensions to anyone who makes a million dollars a year. But to go out of your way to protect fat cats who are “earning” millions by selling the influence they gained at taxpayer expense is incredible.

It goes without saying that there are corrupt influence peddlers in both parties- but why is it that the Republicans seem so anxious to protect millionaire retired Congressmen, while attempting to slash the pensions of people who actually work for a living?

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