NAPS Welcomes USPS announcement on rural post offices

Statement by President Louis M. Atkins, National Association of Postal Supervisors:

The announcement by the Postal Service on May 9, 2012 that they were adjusting their plans on post office closings and their decision to maintain service for post offices throughout the country was indeed welcome news to NAPS.

Our concern from the time the Postal Service announced their original closure plans was that their plans were too aggressive and that the proposed changes could deny many citizens, particularly in those in rural America, from the opportunity to continue to have postal services in their local communities.

From the information the Postal Service has provided about continuation of service throughout the country, we believe that both business mailers and local communities now have the certainty of the Postal Service will continuing to maintain universal service throughout the country.

The Postal Service has served the mailing of every corner of the United States, from colonial times up to today. The announcement by the Postal Service will ensure that this obligation to serve the American public will continue into the future.

Our organization will continue to support the provisions of S1789 that received bipartisan support in the United States Senate and urge that the House of Representatives embrace the changes that are outlined in the Senate bill and complete a legislative initiative that supports the health and prosperity of the United States Postal Service.